Payments may be made by bank transfers to our bank account or send through PayPal
(In the title of payment please specify the product name)






1. You may choose the following ways of delivery:
a. Delivery by a third party delivery company to the address indicated in the 
order. The shipment costs to be be agreed individually. WE SHIP TO ALL 
b. By own means.
2. The average lead time on our furniture is 3-4 weeks after receipt of
prepayment. In some cases it may take longer – we will inform you about that upon
receiving your order. If a product is ready available from our store, the order will be 
filled within 7 days.
3. The company reserves the right to change the order filling time due to the
reasons beyond our control. The customers will be informed about such cases by 
email or/and by telephone. In case of postponing the delivery, the buyer has the right 
to cancel the order. 
4. A customer accepting delivery via a shipping company is obliged to check the 
condition and completeness of the goods in the presence of the courier. Failing to 
do so may effect in loss of compensation for damages. Delivery costs do not cover 
handling operations, unless otherwise specified.
5. We will inform you about the freight costs on receiving your order or inquiry. If 
you find these costs too high, please inform us about cancellation of your order or 
your choosing for the collection of the items by your own means.
6. Information regarding transportation costs may be acquired by sending an 
inquiry for a specific product or sending an email to ... 
7. You should check the goods condition and content in the presence of the 
courier. If transportation damage is found, respective acts of care should be applied 
according to the act regulations as of 15 of November 1984. – Transport Law /
Journal of Law of 1995, No. 119, art. 575 w/ amendments regarding forwarder’s 
responsibilities, in particular his obligations to record the state of goods and the 
circumstances of the damages arose. 
8. Will you please acknowledge in writing the delivery of goods by transportation 
company. Once the delivery is acknowledged, the right of ownership to the goods 
supplied is transferred onto the buyer, as well as any risks related to such ownership 
and use, in particular the risk of loss or damage.
9. 5mm. products in standard sizes can be returned within seven days as long as
they are unused and undamaged. Please note that delivery cost will not be refunded.